Genesis ColoursPvt Ltd

Category : Apparel

Sub Category : Women Wear,

Investment : Rs. 20 lacs

Area Req : 300 sqft to 400 sqft

Bwitch, founded in July 2008 by India’s largest fashion house, Genesis Colors Pvt. Ltd. is a premium fashion lingerie and intimate wear brand.

Bwitch represents an ideal mix of all the key elements – fashion, form, function and fit. Since its opening, the seductive, fashionable & sexy lingerie brand has been growing at a tremendous pace, catering to the needs of the contemporary Indian women related who is independent and far more experimental in her choices than ever before.

The essence of the brand lies in an understanding that lingerie is more than a garment; it is an extension of a woman’s persona. The designs exude sensuality and femininity, giving every woman an opportunity to reflect her individual attitude and lifestyle with an extensive range of products. A style for every mood, thought and occasion that not only complements the outfit but also accentuates her form.

North New Delhi,
South Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu,
East West Bengal,
West Gujarat, Maharashtra,
Union Territories

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